Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite - Black شاومي مي واتش لايت ساعة ذكية - أسود

24.90 KWD


Slim and Lightweight Design, Weighing Only 35 Grams!

Look radiant all day long without even noticing it — you'll forget you're wearing a watch! With a slim square body and curved 2.5D glass that melts delicately and naturally. The quality of its materials makes it a fairly resistant watch, although without compromising on lightness and comfort on your wrist, as it weighs only 35g in total (watch + strap).

1.4-Inch High-definition Display

Get ready to be blown away when the large 1.4-inch screen of turns on. The HD resolution of 323 ppi will give you sharp, colourful images, making all information readable even in bright sunlight,In addition, you can find 120 different face styles on the APP Mi Fit, so you can put the one that suits you best every day. And you can even put in customised backgrounds.

20mm Interchangeable Silicone Strap

For starters, it includes a silicone strap, which is really soft and pleasant to the touch, ideal for a casual everyday style and for sports practice. However, if you are tired of always wearing the same watch or need to adapt to specific circumstances (a formal conference, a wedding...), you can replace its 20 mm strap with a different one in just a few seconds.

Get better every day and be aware of it.

is enriched with 7 sports modes, which will allow you to monitor all your daily activity accurately and adapted to the exercises you do, such as steps taken, distance covered or calories burned, among others.

5ATM Water Resistance

Keep track of your exercise even in the water thanks to a 5 ATM resistance level, which will allow you to go into the pool with it on, take a shower, practice sports when it rains, sweat buckets, etc. Simply take care of your day-to-day life and do what you like best!

Monitor Your Heart Rate Throughout The Day

That's why, in addition to the above, includes a bio-tracking optical sensor, which performs precise heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, This means that you can keep track of your heart's behaviour at all times of the day, both during periods of agitation and when you are at rest, and it will warn you if it detects a value that is too high. In this way, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve your training.

Sleep & Rest Quality Analysis

Another essential aspect in the world of health is good rest. people know this well and for this reason, their professionally interprets the characteristics of sleep at each stage (light, deep, REM and awake). Later, you will be able to check the duration of each one of them, as well as the overall quality of your rest. It will even offer you some tips to improve your sleep habits and help you sleep better every night.

12-Day Battery Life

Finally, is also concerned about battery life and provides with an excellent combination of software and hardware to optimise power consumption, As a result, is able to achieve autonomy of up to 7 days* under typical use and up to 12 days in 'sleep mode'. All this on a single charge.

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