WizGear Magnetic Car Mount with Long Arm

7.50 KWD


Mount your smartphone to your car's dash or windshield with the Universal Magnetic Mount from WizGear.

This mount features an adhesive base that's designed to stick to your car's dashboard or windshield and a magnetic head that securely holds your smartphone and keeps it from falling.

The magnetic head is connected to a long adjustable arm, so you can position your smartphone in the viewing angle that best suits your needs.

Easy Installation
Installation of the mount is designed to be fast and easy.

First, press the assembled mount onto the desired location.

Press the mount lock to increase the suction grip. Next, place the included metal plate inside your phone case or stick the adhesive metal to the back of your phone.

Once the metal plate is attached, your phone is ready to attach to the magnetic mount.

The magnet holds your phone securely in place, enabling you to use it for navigation, hands-free calling, and more.

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