Ravpower 3350mAh iSmart Portable Charger - Black راف باور بطارية متنقلة بقوة 3350 مللي أمبير - أسود

5.90 KWD


3350mAh iSmart Portable Charger
  • Cased in a fresh anodized finish with aluminum alloy from the same manufacturing standard as Apple's products.
  • This portable charger will automatically shut down if a short circuit or overload output occurred while unit is charging. Can be charged over 500 times without the battery losing effectiveness.
  • Automatically shuts down if a short circuit or overload output occurs while unit is charging.
  • Exclusive ismart technology detects the optimal charging current your device needs then supplies it.
  • Plastic on both ends and a unique clip-inspired design prevents it from scratching.

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