Pitaka Carbon Case For Airpodes inbuilt With Power Bank

25.00 KWD


  • Airpal
  • Makes your AirPods easier to carry , charge and find
  • Switch to wireless charging 
  • Simplify your AirPods and charge wirelessly
  • Works with all qi-enabled wireless charger
  • Triple AirPods
  • Battery life
  • Embedded with a 1200mah extra power bank, tripling around 3 times of AirPods battery life
  • Edc emergency
  • Battery for your device
  • Inside battery can not only charge the AirPods , but also can work as an emergency power bank for your phone
  • High-Tech and Exotic
  • Enhanced and reinforced with aramid fiber, five times stronger than steel but just as light. It has been used in Ferrari for its excellent properties.
  • Easy to Organize
  • Metal belt clip design, safe and secure, works perfectly with the MagEZ Bar.
  • 100% Genuine aramid fiber
  • Wireless charge your AirPods
  • Enhanced soft-touch
  • Triple AirPods battery life 
  • Charge as an emergency power bank


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