X-Doria Defense Lux Black Carbon Fiber iPhone 11 Pro Case

8.00 KWD


Military Grade Drop Protection

Sleek style doesn't have to come at the expense of protection. In fact, we crafted the Defense Lux iPhone 11 Pro protective case to meet both needs and exceed Military Grade drop test standards. That means when you put a Defense Lux on your iPhone 11 Pro, you're encasing your phone in military-grade drop protection for falls up to 10 feet on concrete. And if you do happen to drop your phone from that height, a special layer of bubble-patterned rubber on the inside will absorb the shock, so your phone will still work like new—and look good doing it, too.

Anodized Machined Metal Frame

The secret behind the Defense Lux iPhone 11 Pro protective case can be found in its foundation, which comes from an anodized aluminum machined metal. Framing the outside of the case, this metal is used to provide structure and protection without adding bulk and weight, ensuring your phone is safe, but still looks sleek. From drops to bumps to everyday dings, your phone is kept safe and well-protected thanks to the Defense Lux's anodized machined metal perimeter.

Integrated Sound Channel

Did you know your phone's speakers are situated in a way that makes the sound go in two opposite directions? That means that when you're listening to something on speakerphone, you're not getting a full and clear audio experience. We decided to change that with the Defense Lux iPhone 11 Pro protective case. It was created to amplify the bottom speaker, and that redirects the sound to be font facing so you get something closer to a stereo experience and less like you're trying to hear your audio through a tin can on a string. Whether it's music, a call, or something you're streaming, you'll experience spectacular sound.

Luxurious Back Panel

Protection is key in a good iPhone 11 Pro protective case, but it should also look good, and be functional for your lifestyle needs. That's why the Defense Lux iPhone 11 Pro protective case features a luxurious rear panel that's designed to feel great in-hand and give you a little extra grip for when you're going hands on. Plus, it encases a hard impact-resistant polycarbonate shell, giving you another added layer of protection for your precious tech.

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