Fitbit Sense GPS Smartwatch (Lunar White / Soft Gold Stainless Steel)

109.00 KWD


Key Features
  • Up to 6 Days of Battery Life
  • Built-In GPS Tracking
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • On-Wrist Skin Temperature Sensor

Track your health and fitness with the Sense GPS Smartwatch from Fitbit. It's essential to maintain good health to better achieve your fitness goals, which is why Fitbit incorporates a variety of health tracking options in the Sense smartwatch. Features like an on-wrist EDA scan app to detect electrodermal activity. This tracks your stress and graphs it, letting you track trends and change habits to reduce stress. You also get on-wrist heart rate monitoring with an ECG app to help assess a possible AFib condition, SpO2, a skin temperature sensor, and sleep tracking.

When it comes to fitness, a built-in GPS lets you track outdoor activities without the need of a smartphone. You can select from over 20 goal-based exercise modes or let the Sense's SmartTrack technology automatically detect and track your workout. Even basic daily activities are tracked, such as steps taken, distance traveled, and more. Bring your smartphone along to stay motivated with access to Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and more. Outside of health and fitness, this smartwatch keeps you connected with call, text, and app notifications, voice control of digital assistants, and access to hundreds of apps that allow the Fitbit Sense to fully integrate into your day to day life.

Fitbit Premium

For new Premium users, you will receive a free 6 months of Fitbit Premium. Premium provides you with guided workouts, help with nutrition, personalized insights into your fitness, stress management tools, and much more.

Health Features

ECG app notifies you when your heart rate rises or falls past your personal thresholds
Skin temperature sensor records nightly variations you can track over time
PurePulse 2.0 24/7 heart rate monitoring
See real-time heart rate stats on screen when you are in a cardio, peak, or fat burn zones
Women can log periods, record symptoms, track ovulation and discover menstrual cycle patterns
See how much light, deep, and REM sleep you get each night
Receive a sleep score each night in the Fitbit app to monitor sleep quality over time
Mute notifications to gain better uninterrupted sleep
With Smart Wake, you can set an alarm to peacefully wake to a quiet vibration

Fitness Features

Up to 164' of water resistance lets you use the Fitbit Sense in the pool or at the beach
Workout intensity map in the Fitbit app lets you track heart rate zones throughout your exercises
Earn Active Zone Minutes and receive a buzz on your wrist as you enter personalized target zones
All day activity tracking records steps taken, distance traveled, floors climbed, total active minutes, and calories burned

Smart Features

Get information and operate functions on your mobile device via Google Assistant or Alexa
Receive call, text, and calendar notifications
Send quick text or voice replies to texts directly from the Fitbit Sense (Android Only)
Use Fitbit Pay to tap and pay for purchases using your smartwatch
Choose from hundreds of apps that cover many aspects of your daily life, such as Uber, United Airlines, TRX, and more
The always-on display function lets you monitor your stats with just a glance
Customize the display with hundreds of clock face options online
Store up to 5 clock faces on the Sense

General Features

Over 6 days of battery life
AMOLED display with laser-bonded Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Do Not Disturb mode mutes calls, texts, calendar, and app notifications
Get up to 24 hours of power in just 12 minutes with fast charging
Soft, lightweight, and flexible Infinity band

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