[Apple MFi Certified] Syncwire Nylon Zinc Braided LifeProof Lightning Cable 1 Met

7.50 KWD


Syncwire design and make Lightning Cables that are built to last.

• Fully support iTunes, Data Syncing and Battery Charging.
• The cable should never malfunction or stop working, but on the rare occasion it does you are covered by a lifetime guarantee.
• Premium quality design make Syncwire Zinc-Alloy Apple Cables fit all aftermarket cases & accessories, such as LifeProof Cases and Otterbox cases.
• More Durable, More Colorful - Nylon jacket and Zinc-Alloy casing add both color and durability, designed to fit into all cases.
• Original-Size Lightning End - Newest Zinc-Alloy version features more fashionable design and original-size lightning connector.

Great solution if you need a LONG-LASTING lightning cable to fit your LifeProof or Otterbox cases.
Most of lightning cables out there just DO NOT fit your premium cases. For the sake of meeting customers' need, Syncwire design and make this new version - Nylon Braided Zinc-Alloy Lightning Cable, which always fits all aftermarket cases & accessories.

Apple MFi Certification:
Syncwire cables contain a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure strong compatibility with Apple Lightning devices.

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